Top 7 Ways Digital Signage Advertising Can Promote Your Business 

Digital signage advertising is a pretty big business. This is mostly because it has become cheaper, easier to buy, easier to install, and easier to set up, and the quality of modern signage content is streets ahead of what it was just a few years ago. We are not dealing with cheap PowerPoint presentations or poorly made digital posters anymore. Even beginners can make amazing digital sign content without having to pay Hollywood effects prices. Here are just seven ways that digital signage advertising can help promote your business.

The Digital Signage Advertising Market is Bursting With Ideas

Not to try and duck out of any promotional methods, because this article will describe ways that a simple digital signage display can help promote your business. But, the first thing you should probably do when you get your digital signs takes a look at how your competitors are using digital signs. You can even take a look at how other businesses are using digital signs in general, from touch-screen menus to 3D signs that look like the images are coming out of the wall. Take a look at what other people are doing because it will probably inspire you far more than any online article will

Schedule Content With Your Digital Signage Software

Setting up a content schedule is pretty standard these days, but you can make it more targeted with a bit of clever planning. For example, from around 3:30pm onward, you could have your content change to appeal to the kids and their parents coming out of school. You could schedule content with your digital signage software to show different content on weekends (when shoppers are around) to weekdays (when shoppers and other workers are around).

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Demonstrate The Products You Have In Store

Your digital signage advertising display digital signage could easily show how your products work in real life. Rather than having an employee frequently demonstrate the product with a pre-rehearsed scene, you could create your own TV infomercials and have them running on digital signs that are located near the products in question. This is a great idea for some products, especially larger ones like gardening machinery that is difficult to demonstrate in store.

Static Posters That Are Easily Changeable

The digital signage market has made use of digital posters for years, and with good reason, they are easy to install, they can be changed at a moment’s notice, and a single display can show tens of different digital posters per day. Printed posters have been used for years, but they cost money to design and print, and they cannot be changed as often as a digital sign.

Enhance the Ambiance and Even The Character of Your Establishment

One of the more difficult digital signage for businesses “Use cases” is when they are used to enhance the ambiance or character of an establishment. Yet, digital signage solutions have been used everywhere from theme parks to Disney stores, and they still seem to work. If they are implemented correctly and complement the overall design, then digital signs can play a part in how people perceive a business.

Create Shop Wide Exposure For Offers

There are two ways you can jingle with this idea. You can have digital signs dotted all around your store giving details of your biggest offer. Or, you can strategically place offers based on the customer experience. For example, going in, you could have offers for a percentage off item types, and the screens for people on their way out may show frequent shopper discounts or referral offers or store card offers. The signs in each gender’s bathroom could have targeted offers for each gender.

Show Off Your Stock Levels

One way that advertising digital signage came into its own as during the chip shortage that was caused by the 2020 pandemic and was flared up by the fact that next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 had been released, and by the fact that cryptocurrency mining rigs needed them, and the car industry was crying out for them too. As a result, things like game consoles were widely sought, and showing your stock levels in your window could result in a massive influx of customers in your store. Conversely, it helped stop people from walking in and asking for the stock you don’t have.

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