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Welcome to Digitalsignagesoftware.org, your ultimate resource about all things digital signage. We’ve created this blog to give you a better idea of how this technology works and how you can use it for your business. 

Today more and more companies are turning to screen technology. Digital signage is extremely fast, engaging, and attention-grabbing. Screens work well in every environment and can fulfill many different objectives at once. This versatility makes signage technology a go-to solution in the 21st century. 

Digital Signage Software aims to give you an insight into the inner working of the market, as well as provide you with everything you need to start your own signage journey. Here you’ll find valuable information on how to adopt digital signage to your business from A to Z.

The resource is led by an expert team of digital signage veterans as well as talented freelance writers who have cut their teeth in the digital signage industry and now are ready to share the nuts and bolts of the technology with you. You’ll find articles that touch upon the most important digital signage features as well as commentary about the state of the industry and how-to material. 

We are here to help you smoothly integrate digital signage technology for the needs of your business. We are digitalsignagesoftware.org. 

Our experts:

James O’Keeffe

Years of digital signage experience: 20+ 

James O’Keeffe has been working in business development for several digital signage companies cooperating with Fortune 500 businesses. He is one of the pioneers of the industry who knows how it works to the core. Focused on business growth and digital transformation, James helped companies make millions of dollars with the help of digital signage. Currently, he is serving as a consultant for a number of tech companies aiding with the adaptation of signage solutions as well as giving training courses for employees on mastering digital signage technology. 

He went a long way from a tech engineer to the chief business officer in multi-billion companies observing the development of signage technology first-hand. 

James O’Keeffe writes about digital signage strategy and integration. 

He resides in Austin, Texas. James is an avid lover of wildlife adventures, fencing, and 70s psychedelic rock. In his spare time, he loves to play electric guitar in his studio garage.

Andy Wallace

Years of digital signage experience: 15+

If the content is king, Andy Wallace is the king’s, right-hand man. He lives and breathes marketing. With a career spanning over a decade, Andy has worked for ad agencies, startups, and social media giants. He knows exactly what good content is and he’s very keen to share it. James follows unconventional approaches and is always ready to challenge the status quo. 

He started as a copywriting intern at a tech company and went all the way up to becoming an art director at an advertising agency overseeing digital signage content across locations around the world. After working in multiple mediums across the years, Andy found a real passion for digital. 

He lives in San Diego. Andy loves traveling and snorkeling. Sometimes he eats too much abroad (so it’s fair to presume that he’s a foodie too). 

Stephanie Carter

Years in tech journalism: 20+ 

Stephanie (or Steph as friends call her) is the writing heart of Digitalsignagesoftware.org. She is an experienced editor who worked behind the scenes in leading tech publications hunting for hot topics, proofreading, and editing. Stephanie makes sure that our articles are up to an industry standard and that we’re relevant to readers. 

She is a professional editor having graduated from the University of Southern California and working for both well-known publications and in-house. 

She lives between Portland and Seattle. Stephanie can’t live without sports. You can spot her every day running around Portland parks or preparing for a marathon.

Digitalsignagesoftware.org is our project to shed some light on the digital signage industry and the ways it operates. We feel that businesses don’t pay enough attention to all the wonderful things signage technology offers and with this resource we’d like to make a shift in this direction. 

Although we know that the mindset is very slow to change, we’d like to take our experience and show readers how digital signage is always a great idea when it comes to content distribution. The “whats, hows, how muchs” will be answered. 

So buckle up and enter the exciting world of digital signage technology. Digitalsignagesoftware.org is proud to be your guide. 


James, Andy & Stephanie

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